Meet Your Planner!

Hello, my name is Kanei Rivers.

I was born Kanei Keitt in New York City and raised in Pennsylvania in a family with many siblings and a village of loved ones. I am a wife and mother of eight, four daughters and four American Bulldogs.

My love for event planning began at home with my siblings entertaining ourselves. By high school my passion grew and I started organizing “fully supervised” basement parties that were extremely popular.

I joined the military at 20 years old. I have lived in 5 different countries that have given me the opportunity to immerse myself in different cultural experiences. These experiences have enriched my love and interest in multicultural weddings and events.

During my time with the Air Force, I have planned over 50 executive events dealing with top level VIPs in very demanding situations where I developed my time management skills.

Personally, I love trying new restaurants and cuisines, traveling, dancing like nobody’s watching and I love to gaze at any scenery involving flowing water.

I love to be in touch with nature and its natural beauty,

After 17 years of dedicated service, I gleam with excitement to combine my strength as a military leader with my style and passion for event planning (especially weddings!) In 2020, Events By Kanei (EBK) was created to plan and execute all your event needs.

Events By Kanei

– Founded on the Core Values of the Military

Events By Kanei was created to fulfill a seed that was planted within me prior to my military service many years ago. This company was founded on the principle of creating an experience that will implant a lifetime memory. We understand that event planning can be a very stressful experience and logistical planning is our specialty. We are excited to blend your unique style and personality with our professional experience to have a fun-filled and exciting relationship to make your event unforgettable.

As a member of the Air Force, our core values are rooted in service, team work, self discipline, confidence, awareness and financial responsibility. These are skills necessary to make your dream event a successful reality. My training has educated and instilled me with the ability to pay attention to the smallest detail so you can enjoy the special moments and your guests.

This event planning team has traveled all over the world observing and learning how to create visions of beauty and grandeur in the United States and abroad. We rely on our experiences with different cultures and practices while creating an aura of inclusion.

Our goal at Events By Kanei is to assist my clients with a personalized planning experience. We will make your event dreams a reality with clear communication, concise logistical planning and professional execution. I am looking forward to planning with you and creating your vision. You will be embraced with my love for creativity and execution while creating a memorable event for you.

Let’s get excited together!!

As Seen on The Knot

Make your dream wedding or event a reality.


Events By Kanei really works with you and takes your vision of what you want your party to look like and takes it to the next level. The time, dedication, and commitment to make our party memorable will always stay in our hearts. I will make sure I book with this company again. Thank you.

Carlton Epton

I had the pleasure of attending a baby shower in Atlanta, GA in September 2022. The event space was themed decorated by Events By Kanei. I knew the mother-in-waiting vision for her event. I can honestly say that we were all presently thrilled by the attention to detail and the perfection of the vision. There were special personalized touches that were offered as special take away gifts for the mother-in-waiting. It is wonderful to have competent, reliable visionaries to take care of an event to make it memorable and beyond expectations. Thank you to Kanei and her team for the experience. Check out Events By Kanei for your next personal event.

Carol Cherry